Dating tips from the doctor


Remember, your partner is trying to offer assistance and save his/her patient, which is much more important than your date.When surveyed female physicians in their 30's expressed their frustrations with finding a man to date. She will receive phone calls during dinner and there will be times she has to leave. She will have men flirt with her and some of them will be successful men who are looking for successful rich women.They spend much of their time in treating patients and helping them in eliminating their health issues.So, if you’re in love with a doctor then you must support them unconditionally.Not only did we announce that we will be introducing the world’s first aphrodisiac pillow exclusively at our UK hotels this weekend, but now we have asked the “Dating Doctor” Peter Spalton to give us some of his dating tips in the run up to Valentine’s Day.


In many cases a female doctor in that age range will make well over one hundred thousand dollars a year. This is a date night not an after-hours house call. If she was a seamstress would you asked her to tailor your suit? Pay her the attention she deserves and be attentive but if you are jealous and controlling the relationship will be doomed. After you are dating seriously, you can discuss the paying and dating arrangement. If she likes to eat at a very expensive place, explain that you cannot afford that often.

Besides, they are constantly discussing medical records, treatment options, diseases, medicines or writing prescriptions for their patients.


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